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The Chrysler Museum, Norfolk VA

I grew up going to the Chrysler Museum near my home town of VA Beach, VA. Whenever I’m home I go with my parents, or siblings. This past Christmas my mom, sister and I were able to escape for a few hours and we visited a few of my favorite pieces.

Chrysler Museum Norfolk, VA
Did you know Picasso created more than 600 designs for plates, bowls, vases, and jugs. A few of them are in a hallway at the Chrysler. I really enjoy the fact that such a great master artist would enjoy seeing his work on plates and other useful things. Personally, I want to see my art on everything imaginable and have developed designs for 30 or so products on my Zazzle shop. I have over 60 items in my shop…everything from pillows to tote bags, and, bottle openers to luggage:-)

I really love to design…must be my background as a graphic designer!

Happy New Year to you and yours:-)

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My Moonlight Owls Could be in NYC

I’m a FINALIST to have my art installed in the NoMad Hotel NYC! The winning mosaic will be permanently installed in The NoMad Hotel’s iconic Cupola and unveiled at Design ‘N Gather 2018. NYC here I come for Nov 11! I’m soooo excited!…

As a top 10 Finalist, in the Design N Gather Competition to have my art installed in the Cupola of the NoMad Hotel, I am eligible for the PEOPLE’s Choice Award! Please take a moment and vote for me at the survey link below:-) #peopleschoice #DNG2018 #VOTEART #MOONLIGHTOWLS #VOTEFOROWLS #DNGPEOPLESCHOICE #peopleschoice2018 #BARBARARUSH #ATLANTAART #ARTCONSULTING #ARTINSTALLATION #CEILINGART #OWLCEILINGDESIGN

My art could be installed at the NoMad !



Vote for my Moonlight Owls for People’s Choice Award!