The Chrysler Museum, Norfolk VA

I grew up going to the Chrysler Museum near my home town of VA Beach, VA. Whenever I’m home I go with my parents, or siblings. This past Christmas my mom, sister and I were able to escape for a few hours and we visited a few of my favorite pieces.

Chrysler Museum Norfolk, VA

Did you know Picasso created more than 600 designs for plates, bowls, vases, and jugs. A few of them are in a hallway at the Chrysler. I really enjoy the fact that such a great master artist would enjoy seeing his work on plates and other useful things. Personally, I want to see my art on everything imaginable and have developed designs for 30 or so products on my Zazzle shop. I have over 60 items in my shop…everything from pillows to tote bags, and, bottle openers to luggage:-)

I really love to design…must be my background as a graphic designer!

Happy day!