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Mother’s Day is this SUNDAY! Stop by and See Jelly Bean in Person!

It doesn’t matter if you are a two-legged or four-legged child you LOVE your MOM! Show MOM how much you care with an artful gift featuring her FAVORITE FOUR-LEGGED CHILD!

I can still ship prints and Original paintings for your Mom through Wednesday May 6, order by 3 pm. Or, if you are in Roswell, GA or nearby… you can shop in my front yard:-) Just email me for my address, I have lots of prints and original paintings in stock and you can maintain 6′ distance while shopping in the open air. Bring your hand sanitizer, or use mine, to help keep the Covid19 kooties away:-)

Send me an email at subject: I Wanna Shop in Your Front Yard:-) and I will send you my address so you can come on by. You can also bring MOM to my yard on Sunday just please wear your mask, maintain social distance and wash your hands:-)

Jelly Bean is my latest painting and features a brightly colored dachshund of Infamous stature. If you have a four-legged family member you know they are all ROCK STARS! Whenever I’m at an art show everyone is looking to get an introduction to your dogs and cats:-) They all want to know if they can pet your dog, or cat and the name of your four-legged. This Mother’s Day celebrate your little rock star that make s you a four-legged mom:-)

With lots of Love to the four-leggeds and their moms,


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