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It’s Official – I’m the Official Artist for the Mayfaire 2020!

Swan Lake Painting
Infused with Grace by Barbara Rush the official icon for Mayfaire 2020.

This beautiful painting is a tribute to the four varieties of swans living in Lakeland: mute white swans, black swans, black neck swans, and coscoroba swans. When you visit, you will see the swans in beautiful black, white and grey, I used the three colors of the swans and added the beautiful teal, lavender, purple and grey blues, setting it on a lovely lake-like background.

Lake Morton, is home to over 70 swans that are the descendants of a pair of swans from Queen Elizabeth II’s world-famous collection in England. Over the course of the weekend, as I sat with my art at the show on Lake Morton, several of my customers told me the story of the swans in the lake.

Click  here to read the story.

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