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Own Memories of a Moonlight Ride
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When I was a teenager I was leasing a little quarter horse at a small barn in Virginia. There were several girls, myself included, that wanted to start showing our horses but we couldn't afford to trailer our horses to any shows (the entry fees were about all we could do). So being the innovative teens that we were one of the girls knew how to get to the show park through the woods so we all agreed to ride through the woods to the show grounds. What we forgot about was how late it would be when we returned.

It was dark after we had all finished showing and most of us had only been through the woods once coming to the show that broad daylight. Lucky for us one of the horses that we went through the woods with was this wonderful old white horse. He was quite the trooper and he led us all safely home to the barn through the pitch black woods.

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Memories of a Moonlight Ride