Portfolio of Paintings

Boston Terrier and Dachshunds
Modern Day Dogs by Barbara Rush:  Inspired by cubism, Rush delights in the geometry of lines, shapes and colors creating combinations that uplift the viewer as abstract shapes converge to reveal a delightfully recognizable form.
Horse Art
Contemporary Horses by Barbara Rush:  Ms. Rush creates flowing lines and shapes in the body of horses that emphasize their movements. Layers of color are applied to black washed canvases, building up the hues from the base. The horses are deconstructed and reconstructed into design elements thru geometry and long tipped quill brushes. Flowing lines and geometric shapes placed inside elegant outlines break apart the form as they create it.



Contemporary Owl Art
Contemporary Owls by Barbara Rush:  Glazes of acrylic color are applied to black canvases, building up the hues. The owls are deconstructed and reconstructed into simplified design elements. Long tipped quill brushes fill in colors with precision.



Flamingo, shark, pelican art collage
Modern Beach Creatures by Barbara Rush: Pelicans, sharks, and flamingos vibrantly recreated into modern creations featuring watery soft backgrounds and hard edged shapes. GeoCubism at its best!