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This is K... the girl that fell in love with your yellow bird (at that art festival). I just wanted to let you know that I picked up the giclee today (at the Post Office) and love it even more than when I first saw it. Can't wait to put it up on the wall! Thanks again!

Commissioned Cat Paintings Commission Your Very Own Memorial to Your Pet!
I met a very nice lady at the Virginia Highlands Art Festival last year. She had lost her favorite pet a handsome marmelade tabby. She loved my Iguana Love You painting (featured in the upper left) and wanted something similar. Her cat is pictured in the upper right. Once she approved the drawing (in the lower left) I finished the painting in the lower right,
complete with her cat's favortie toy
a little green mouse:-)
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pet's commission
Cat Necklace
Get the Jewelry
Check out my etsy shop for my latest art print jewelry! Whimsical Cats, Beautiful Horses, and more!
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2014 Calendar Horse, Bird, Cat

Barbara Rush Artist

Happy Spring!
I really love meeting you all! I love to watch your reactions as you see my art for the first time. Thank you for all the well wishes and I hope to see you at one of my shows!

Keep in touch and as always I truly appreciate you sharing my web site with your friends, coworkers, and "fellow" equestrians!

Yellow Calla Lily Painting The Floral Series
Contemporary floral paintings to brighten your living room, dining room, and bathrooms :-)
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Geocubist Pears
For those of you who like a twist
to the standard pear painting...
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Licensing Art
The Ice Owl
Owls are Here

I have had so many new ideas
lately. If you want to see them
all click the link below...
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Leap Frog Over Cat Painting The Cat Series
As a slight departure from my
GeoCubist style happy little cats
are appearing on my canvases!
~see the cat series

My Art is Available in Prints!
All of my art is available in small, medium, and large prints. Click here for more information.


Immersed in my thoughts

The Tao of Equus Series

NEW and SOLD! "Immersed in my own thoughts" (30" x 20" shown above) barely 3 months old and already has a new home in Montana. My event schedule is a little light this Spring but you can always find my art at Synergy Fine Art, 26 Webb St Suite 3, Roswell, GA 30075. More new contemporary equine art for today's horse lovers coming soon!
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The Electric Color Series
This series begins in the black and white darkroom using a process known as a photogram. In the darkroom I manipulate objects using a variety of filters and dodging techniques to enhance the shape of the image and maximize the ability of the light to reflect and refract out of the glass.
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Maritini Glass Purple